Landmark High School Remembers and Honors Veterans

By: Breezy Dunkley Dragon Times Reporter
KC Rawlinson, Paul Dopp and Roy Devenish, prepare to put the retired American Flag on the fire, for proper retirement.
Paul Dopp speaks during the Landmark Veterans Day assembly about his experience being in the Air Force. Photo Alicia Beagley
Teacher Todd Killian sings, during the Landmark Veterans Day assembly. Photo by: Alicia Beagley

Every year the faculty and staff of Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, had their annual, Veterans Day assembly with connection retiring the American Flag that has flown over the school for the past year. The Flag retirement program was conducted by the veterans, who work at LHS, assistant principal Scott Carson, talked about the proper way to retire the American flag.  The flag was retired by, Howard Bonzo, Todd Killian Mark VanVoorhis, Paul Dopp, Roy Devenish, and KC Rawlinson. While the students stood quietly outside around the flag poll watching the flag be retired and replaced.  The students’ showed great respect during the time the flag was being lowered, burned, and replaced with the new flag.

After the flag retirement program, the faculty, staff, and student went into the gym, and learned about all the different staff members, who have served in the military.  It was such an honor to here from our veterans, as they shared their stories about why they joined the military, and where they have served.  At the end of assembly Todd Killian sand “I am proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood, as a tribute to all those who have served in the military.