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Landmark High School to hold Blood Drive

Submitted by brian.davenport on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 11:30
Sage Spencer

Landmark High School in Spanish Fork will be holding a community blood drive, to help make sure that there is an adequate blood supply for the holiday season.  According the American Red Cross, a single car accident can require up to 100 units of blood per accident.  During the holiday season the number of units needed increases to 150 units of blood, which increases the real need for donations. 

The student council of Landmark High School and members of the school’s leadership classes have decided that is would be a great opportunity to give back to the community, and help the community out, after the tragic accident and loss of a LHS Student Tyson Peterson.  The students fell that this is a way in which they can honor Tyson and his live by giving back to the community. 

The blood drive will be held on Tuesday December 13, 2011 from 1:30 to 6:30 pm in the gym at Landmark High School located at 612 South Main in Spanish Fork.  Please come and donate thus helping to make sure that there is an adequate supply of blood this holiday season, and help honor and remember a fallen Landmark Dragon.