Landmark High School’s Annual Kickball Tournament for Health

McKenna Page
First row: left to right: Cora Roylance Liz Reynolds, Hayley Atkin, Tanner Reynolds, Garrett Cox, Ignacio Garcia. Second row: L
Senior Andre Lopez kicks the ball and scores big for his class during the recent LHS kickball tournament.
Senior Marcus Swenson, catches the ball against the teachers in the annual LHS kickball tournament.
Faculty member Sarah Lewis catches the ball against the student in the annual LHS kickball Tournament.

The students and teachers of Landmark High School, in Spanish Fork, had the opportunity to play kickball against their fellow peers in an effort to promote good health. The school is divided into advisory class, and they competed against each other. The winning advisory class got to play against the faculty and have fun. Each advisory worked together to make it to the finals, and cheer for their peers when the winning team played the faculty.

The event was held at the Spanish Fork baseball fields, located just south of Landmark High. The students went to their advisory for first period and held a special moment in remembrance of September 11th.  After the moment of silence we all walked to the ballpark and begin the tournament.

 The double eliminations games were played until lunch. Instead of regular school lunch, the students were treated to a BBQ lunch prepared by the Administration. There were hamburgers, salads, chips and soda. After lunch the last 4 teams went back to playing kickball to see who would be the final two teams. The final two teams played to see who the winner would be. The game gets intense, both teams wanted to win. All the other teams gather around to watch, cheering shouting, and encouraging their fellow students running from base to base. Nacho Garcia’s class won the tournament. Everyone enjoyed the day full of being active.