February Students of the Month

Left to Right: Gio Muniz, Dawson Hight, Gavin Leuze.

Landmark works to instill 5 Vital Behaviors that will keep our students on the pathway to success, no matter what they choose to do with their lives. To promote these behaviors, we award Student of the Month accolades to 5 students who have excelled at one or more of these behaviors.

For the month of February those students are the following:

Attendance: Cody Kirk is lways here. Always on time. Cody has made many improvements since last year. He's doing great!

Positive Attitude: Gavin Leuze. Shows excitement for learning and is clearly having a good time at school.

Productivity: Dawson Hight. Always focused and wanting to learn. Gets things done, and goes above and beyond so he can learn, not just do what is required

Cooperation: Gio Muniz. Gets along with everyone, kind, friendly, doesn't cause problems. Helps support a positive classroom environment.

Respect: Jordan Forbes. Sweetest person ever. Kind, treats everyone well, participates in class, and shows he supports what we're trying to do here at Landmark.