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Family Week

Submitted by chelsie.young on Thu, 11/03/2016 - 18:49

This year Landmark began what we hope will be a long standing tradition: Family Week. Family week is a celebration of the Landmark family. Students, teachers, staff care about each other and work together to help students succeed. But, families do more than work together, they also have a great time together, and that is what Family Week is all about. 

So once a term we will come together for a week of fun activities during school.

First term's activities were as follows:

Monday: Celebrating October birthdays with cupcakes at lunch.

Tuesday: T-shirt competition. Whichever advisory class has the highest percentage of students wearing their Indragonation shirts won a pizza party (Sue Ann's advisory!)

Wednesday: Democratically selected activity. BUMPER BUBBLES! 30 bumper bubbles were rented and for the last hour or so of school students, teachers, and admin gathered on the back field and had at it!

Thursday: Advisory competition: Musical Chairs! Only one advisory can emerge victorious! Only one can be crowned with the Cone of Shame! Sarah's advisory won this massive game of musical chairs and took the Golden Cone home to roost in her classroom for the month. Bonzo's advisory's lack of participation/willingness to have fun earned them the Cone of Shame. We'll see how things shake out in November!

Friday: Flannel Friday & Karaoke- students wearing flannel were given a small prize. There was also Karaoke at lunch.

It was a great week to be a Dragon!