Balloon Stomp Builds School Unity

Cherikee Kinser
Junior Sighler Crigler, Senior Adrian Martinez Soria, and Junior Takoma Beardall participate in the LHS balloon stomp.
Assistant Principal Scott Carson, honoring the winner of the balloon stomp Junior Mikyla Smith.

On Thursday August 27, the students of Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, participated in the balloon stomp. It happened during their advisory class. Each student tied a balloon to his or her ankle. The objective was to pop everyone’s balloons except your own and your classmates. Howard Bonzo’s advisory class took home the victory in this fun activity. Mikyla Smith was the last person standing. Mikyla had an amazing plan from the start, and did not let anyone pop her balloon. Mikyla and her class won a pizza party for their victory. This activity was way fun, everyone had an amazing time with huge smiles on their faces.