September 2015

American Red Cross Blood Drive at Landmark High Big Success

By Baylie Shepherd
Junior Colin Speers, donates a pint of blood during the recent American Red Cross Blood Drive

Landmark High School, and American Red Cross would like to thank all those that donated blood at our last blood drive, on Friday September 18th.   The goal that school, and the Red Cross were for a total of 29 units of blood donated.  The total for the day was 27 units of blood donated.  The donation of blood goes to help save lives, and bring health to those that are in need.

LaMarque Ward Visits Landmark High School

Sighler Crigler
Mr. LaMarque Ward meets and poses for a picture after an assembly at Landmark High School.

LaMarque Ward visited Landmark High School, in Spanish Fork, on Thursday September 10th, to talk to the students about achieving their dreams. He encouraged students to put forth an effort in every thing that they do.  LaMarque was very determined to give his children what he couldn’t really have when he was young.

Landmark High School’s Annual Kickball Tournament for Health

McKenna Page
First row: left to right: Cora Roylance Liz Reynolds, Hayley Atkin, Tanner Reynolds, Garrett Cox, Ignacio Garcia.  Second row: L

The students and teachers of Landmark High School, in Spanish Fork, had the opportunity to play kickball against their fellow peers in an effort to promote good health. The school is divided into advisory class, and they competed against each other. The winning advisory class got to play against the faculty and have fun. Each advisory worked together to make it to the finals, and cheer for their peers when the winning team played the faculty.

Balloon Stomp Builds School Unity

Cherikee Kinser
Junior Sighler Crigler, Senior Adrian Martinez Soria, and Junior Takoma Beardall participate in the LHS balloon stomp.

On Thursday August 27, the students of Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, participated in the balloon stomp. It happened during their advisory class. Each student tied a balloon to his or her ankle. The objective was to pop everyone’s balloons except your own and your classmates. Howard Bonzo’s advisory class took home the victory in this fun activity. Mikyla Smith was the last person standing. Mikyla had an amazing plan from the start, and did not let anyone pop her balloon. Mikyla and her class won a pizza party for their victory.

Parent Teacher Home Visits Announced

Landmark High School in Spanish Fork is planning their fourth annual parent teacher home visits.  This is an opportunity for the teachers of the school to get to know their parents.  Each of the teachers is paired off with another teacher, and they are assigned a group of students to visit.  According to Howard Bonzo, art teacher, “this is a chance for the parents of many of our students to feel more comfortable about meeting with the teachers at their home then trying to come down to the school.”