Trust Lands

Final Results of the 2016-2017 Trust Lands Plan
Goal:  Increase academic achievement in all courses by reaching the benchmark of 50% of Landmark school students meeting the expectation of no grades lower than a C.
Measurements: End of term Report Cards reflect that 50% of the students have grades of C or better.
Weekly progress reports reflect that students are maintaining C grades or better.
The baseline from the 2015-2016 school year was 24%.
ResultsThe average end of term percentage of students having no grades lower than a C- was 33%. The high came at the end of 4th term which was 38%. This is almost a 10% improvement over the prior year.
Plan Implementation: Students at risk of failing a class were identified early through Aspire information system reports, trackers monitoring students, and teacher concerns. Trackers made home contacts as these students were identified. Advisors have continued to take an active role in identifying struggling students and helping them to make work up and know what was needed to be done during their flex time. An on-going study hall was put in place and a technician was assigned to work with students to provide tutoring and extra support in classes they were failing. Students that were failing many classes were assigned a study hall period where they continued to work on bringing their grades up. This proved to be very effective. Math technicians were assigned to the Math classes to provide more intensive one on one support.
Expenditures: 2 Math techinicians were hired. These were difficult to find and to hold on to. As a result, the cost was not as much as was projected.  $9,122 was spent of the projected $18,012.  An amendment was approved and money was spent to purchase an interactive whiteboard for our Math classroom at the cost of $1,544. We also have purchased licensing for a web-based tutorial program that addresses many issues impacting student success. This program will be accessed through the Student Support Center this year.  This program is called Ripple Effects.  The cost was $3,849.


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