Trust Lands

Trust Lands Plan: 2017-2018


Increase academic achievement in all courses by reaching the benchmark of 50% of Landmark school students meeting the expectation of no grades lower than a C. This goal will be reached by the end of the 17-18 school year


1. Continue to develop effective means of identifying students at risk for failing a class early on in the term.

2. Ensure that systems for contacting parents about academic concerns are in place and used consistently and early in the grading cycle.

3. Ensure that student advisors are effectively and consistently providing academic coaching to all students needing it during advisory time. Expand this to include students who are on an independent study program.

4. Improve the system currently in place to provide more intense one on one tracking for students struggling with academic expectations.

5. Continue to target the curriculum areas that prove the most difficulty for students with additional resources and support. (Math)

6. Continue to find ways to improve the Flex Time Program so that students use it as an effective tool for staying caught up on their classwork.

7. Continue to improve on effective ways to recognize and positively reinforce students who are meeting academic expectations.  

8. Establish a Student Support Center that brings together many of the resources available outside of the classroom to help students succeed.


Fund one technician to work with the Student Support Team. This tech will be strong in Math and be able to tutor students who are struggling to complete their assignments and pass their tests in Math. He/she will also assist in the Student Support Center to help gather up missing classroom work for students who fall behind in their classes. Fund a Student Support technician to manage the Student Support Center. This person will manage a team of three trackers and work closely with the independent study technician. The team will assist students who are struggling to meet academic expectations, complete classwork, complete credit recovery requirements, and meet independent study expectations.