Distance Education

Nebo Adult Ed Distance Learning Plan

Implementation (August 23, 2016) 2017-2018 school year

Nebo Adult Education offers a distance learning option to all students eligible to complete the requirements for an adult high school diploma.

1. Registration

Each student is required to complete the following as part of registration for this program:

  • TABE Test (Locator and Survey)

  • Pay program fee of $50

  • SEOP with Adult Education Teacher

  • Complete the distance learning orientation


2. Orientation

Each student is required to be in class for the entire orientation course (12 contact hours).  Students must complete orientation before they are eligible to begin the distance learning program. Orientation will include:

  • a study skills module

  • an organization skills module

  • program expectations

  • an orientation to the curriculum


3. Policies and Procedures

Upon completion of the registration and orientation, students who demonstrate an academic functioning level of ABE 3 Level in reading on the TABE will be able to begin the distance learning program which will allow them to earn credits.  Students who test below the above levels will be required to remediate with an adult education instructor until reaching the required levels.   

  • Students will complete curriculum-specific credit through a combination of A+ and Nebo School District approved packets.

  • Course packets will be limited to 2 at a time.

  • All distance learning instructional contact hours must be entered into UTopia in the course called “Multi-discipline Distance Learning”.

  • Distance learning students may choose to take a combination of distance education classes and traditional adult education classes simultaneously to advance their learning and shorten their length of time to completion of their defined goal(s).

  • Distance learning students must complete course unit competency tests at the local adult education center (in the classrooms at the jail), or a mutually agreed upon location in the presence of an adult education instructor.

  • Staff proctored post-tests with a grade of at least 80% will be required before credit is awarded

Credits will be awarded in 0.25 increments. Students may evaluate progress with Adult Ed staff weekly.

  • ABE/AHSC distance learning students, like “traditional” adult education students, should take a post-test after accruing 50 instructional contact hours (40 hours will be allowed at the jail in time sensitive situations)  or more, as deemed necessary in order to determine student and program level gains. Regardless of whether or not the student participates in a “traditional” adult education or a distance learning program, all pre- and post-test assessments must be conducted through face-to-face interaction with a trained test administrator following standardized assessment procedures.

  • Program staff must “meet with the distance learning student” at least weekly in person, via phone or email contact. The purpose of the meeting is to answer questions, encourage students, redirect students’ program expectations, etc.