Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

What to do:
1)You ​Must​ see your school counselor for a referral.
2)Come to Landmark (rm. 132) to get signed up.
Bring $30 (cash or check) per .25 credits. Max
.50 credit at one time. Card payments only at
Landmark Finance Office during Normal School
3)Complete the lessons in the A+ program (must be
completed within 90 days)
4)Come back to the Credit Recovery Lab to take the
Unit Test and write the 2 Final Essays.
*Credit Recovery Lab will be closed during school breaks/holidays. No Testing or new courses
allowed. Thank you for managing your study time accordingly.

● Website accessible school/home is
o Click on “Browser Playback” or “Client Webstart” button (Firefox and Safari are
the best browser to use with the program.)
o Login with Nebo student number
o Password is last name with no capitals

● Challenging a Course
o You may only challenge a course that you have previously failed.
o Arrive no later than 5:15pm during Lab hours and check in.
o Pay fee for course (Mandatory before testing)
o Pass Challenge Test with 70% or higher and 2 essays. (ONLY ONE ATTEMPT)
o Check back with the lab to ensure that your credit is issued.  

● Course Work Instructions
○ Pay fee at Landmark for course.
o Select the course you want to work in and open the first lesson.
o Take the Pre-Test. If you score 70% or higher, move onto the next lesson. If you
score less than 70%, you must spend at least 7 minutes in the Study section and
then pass the Practice Test with 70% or higher. Repeat the Study section until you
pass the Practice Test, then pass the Lesson Mastery Test with at least 70%. Once you
have passed the Lesson Mastery Test, move onto the next lesson.
o DO NOT DO ESSAYS at the end of the lesson.
o Once all lessons are completed and all Lesson Mastery Tests are completed, you
are ready for the Unit Test and 2 Essays. These must be proctored during Lab
time at school. You have to pass the Unit Test with a 70% or higher before you
are allowed to write the essays.


NSD Counselor Referral