Attendance Policy: Adult Education Center


It is the goal of the Nebo Adult Education program and staff to keep students progressing towards their personal goals of obtaining a High School Completion Diploma, GED, or improving their literacy skills so they can be more successful in their lives.  Consistent attendance is a critical factor in this process.  In order for a class to move along efficiently and the instructor to be able to consistently prepare to meet the needs of students, those students must attend regularly with their peers.  Students who fail to attend regularly easily fall behind and waste valuable class time trying to catch up at the expense of other students.

Adult High School Diploma and GED Classes  

Adult classes are open enrollment.  Students can enroll continually throughout the term. Students are expected to attend class at least six hours a week, and diploma students will be required to complete one A+ module per month.

Attendance Interventions

Students who fail to meet attendance expectations will be counseled and encouraged to reach their educational goals. Those who stop coming will be contacted by phone or e-mail in an effort to find out why. The student will be encouraged to return if possible. After thirty days of not attending or completing a module in A+, the student will be exited from the program.

English Language Classes (ELL) Classes

ELL classes are a managed enrollment program. Students are expected to attend class six hours a week. ELL 3 or higher level students can obtain expected requirements through Reading Horizons or class attendance.

Attendance Interventions

Students who fail to maintain attendance expectations will be counseled in an effort to clarify the issues impacting their attendance. They will be encouraged to find solutions so that the student can continue to progress towards his/her goals.  After thirty days, if a student is unable to meet expectations, they will be unenrolled from the class. They may reenroll during the next enrollment period. If there is a waiting list, they will be placed at the end of the list.